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What is M&M Nuts

M&M Nuts is a trading business with strong relationships with farmers and buyers. These relationships give M&M Nuts an understanding of what both parties need. By applying expertise and knowledge, M&M Nuts strive to meet or exceed that need.

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Targeted Sourcing

Sourcing is vital in trading, especially if demand exceeds supply. M&M Nuts utilises resources effectively by using targeted sourcing strategies with a selected group of farmers.


The experience M&M Nuts has with pricing strategies, leads to making calculated decisions resulting in sourcing objectives being met. Being an independent role player gives M&M Nuts an edge in market information. 

In addition, M&M Nuts has a vast network of local farmers and access to international clients.

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Stream-lined Marketing

M&M Nuts stream-line its marketing strategy by focusing on building and strengthening lasting relationships with farmers and buyers. Continuous communication throughout the value chain provides useful information in executing service excellence and early discovery of problems.


M&M Nuts’ knowledge about the industry and its drivers are applied in negotiations to unlock a beneficial outcome for all involved parties.


M&M regularly attends annual international conferences and networking opportunities which contributes in the expansion of M&M Nuts’ local and international associations. These connections provide access to market information and new business opportunities reaching beyond existing demand.

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Export Expertise

For M&M Nuts, exporting is the outcome of the application of effective marketing strategies. However, before anything can be exported the quality of the product has to meet the required quality standards. Not adhering to quality management requirements can lead to a product recall, thus highlighting the importance of understanding the export function.


M&M Nuts has experience in exporting to Asia, Europe, and the US. M&M Nuts are competent in managing the logistics from farm to port of destination with all the required export documents and/or letter of credit compliance requirements.


M&M Nuts achieve the execution of service excellence by being diligent and detail orientated when different functions such as sourcing, marketing, and exporting come together to accomplish a task.

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